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A Family Owned Insulation Contractor Serving Southern Ohio

Southern Ohio RetroFoam is a family owned and operated business in Hillsboro, Ohio. We are the Robertson family and we believe that foam insulation in your new or existing home is the best option.

We don’t believe in scams or gimmicks. We are here to provide the southern Ohio area with the most reliable and respectful insulation product around.

We are proud to represent RetroFoam and strive to leave our customers happier than when we found them. Check out our customer testimonials below to see what other homeowners have to say about our work.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about insulating your home. Request your free quote or call us at 937-763-3626 to see if Southern Ohio RetroFoam is right for you.

Retrofoam of Southern Ohio Crew

Customer Reviews

Last early fall we decided to call Retrofoam for a quote for insulation for our new home. This home is well over a hundred years old and very drafty. We knew after research that this would be our best option for insulation install. Upon their arrival to measure the square footage, we found out that there was little to no insulation in our exterior walls. This would explain why we would need to keep the thermostato set anywhere from 78-82 degress throughout the winter months, especially the bitterly cold days of winter. Even set on that temp, everyone needed to be covered with quilts just to feel comfortable and warm. After the install, we were able to keep the thermostat on 73 degress all winter long. It was amazing how different the house felt even on the coldest of days. The other benefit that we have noticed is how quiet the house is. We live on a main state route and there is always traffic. We truely appreciated the professionalism and how particular they were with installation and cleanup. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks so much for a wonderful job Retrofoam!

– Jennifer B.

Super nice people. Professional, polite, hard working, and personable. We’d hire again.

– Patricia D.

Very happy with the project! The guys came in, started, and completed the project and it was hard to know they were here! Cleaned up and were out! Great experience!

– Bob S.

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