Knock Down Those High Heating and
Cooling Costs with Foam Insulation

Problems We Solve for Homeowners Like You

Take back control of your home. Stop living in an uncomfortable home that is costing you a small fortune in heating and cooling costs.
We help Southern Ohio homeowners who are experiencing:

Retrofoam of Southern Ohio Cold

Uncomfortable Rooms

Are you tired of uncomfortable drafts getting into your home through your outlets, walls, crawl space, and band boards? Foam insulation throughout your home can eliminate all of this by creating an air seal that will keep your inside air in and the outside elements out.

Retrofoam of Southern Ohio Bills

High Energy Bills

The cost to heat and cool your home is constantly going up, but foam insulation can help you lower those costs. Foam insulation will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter so your air conditioner and heater aren’t working overtime.

Retrofoam of Southern Ohio Noisy Neighbors

Noisy Neighbors

Do you hear every little noise from outside your home? Make your house a quieter place with foam insulation. Both RetroFoam injection foam and open cell spray foam in your home can help deaden that sound so you can finally get some peace and quiet.

We Provide Foam Insulation for Residential and Commercial Projects in Southern Ohio

RetroFoam Injection Foam

Retrofoam of Southern Ohio Injection Foam Siding

Do your walls get cold to the touch during the winter? Can you feel drafts coming through your electrical outlets?

RetroFoam injection foam in your existing walls can help. If the insulation you currently have in your walls isn’t doing its job, RetroFoam in those exterior walls will help not only make your home more comfortable but save you money on monthly heating and cooling costs.

Injection foam is done from the outside, so you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of moving furniture and disrupting your home.

Spray Foam Insulation

Retrofoam of Southern Ohio Spray Foam Pole Barn

Looking for the best insulation to maximize your comfort and energy efficiency in your new home, remodeling project, or pole barn? Or maybe the open areas of your existing home need a major upgrade?

Spray foam insulation in your home can help seal up areas like your attic, or the places commonly forgotten about like the crawl space, basement, and band boards. Just like injection foam, spray foam creates an air seal that will keep those outside temperatures out.

Customer Review

“Hey with all the wind and cooler temperatures, the house is very warm! Thanks. Best money ever spent!!”

-Bob E.

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